January 2014 Stats

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Despite the very wet and often windy weather I seem to have started the year by completing more miles in January than I did in 2013.  There’s no real reason for this as I’m not chasing miles this year, and am focusing on racing, so I expect my total for the year to be somewhat down on last year.  Anyway, here are the numbers

422.8 miles in 1d, 3hrs and 4mins at an average speed of 15.6mph.  Total ascent a paltry 20,391ft with an average HR of 129bpm, meaning I’ve used 17,146 kcalories during the month.

In addition I’ve spent 7hrs and 7mins training on my turbo in the shed!  I’ve also been doing some weight training, but I’ll write a separate post about that.


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