Time for Reflection

I wrote about returning to time-trialling back in May and the fact that even after a year off I couldn’t muster that much enthusiasm for it. Since then things had improved – I got more comfortable again and times and results were improving. But in my last race one of my friends in the NW time-trial scene was involved in a collision with a car and lost his life, leaving a devastated family. There’s a police investigation so it isn’t right to comment other than to say that it is a straight piece of road and it was a crystal clear day. He was a top bloke and it’s a terrible tragedy. I can’t begin to understand what his family are going through, it must be awful. It has knocked the stuffing out of me. I’ll see the season out but I need to think long and hard over the winter whether I want to keep doing this. If you ride, stay safe. If you drive, please take care.


  1. Edward Baldwin · July 20

    I agree Ade, just thinking about returning to training myself lately and then road racing again.
    I’ve always been concerned about our safety and the consequences of the loss that loved ones will feel if anything happened to me, especially after recently losing my brother and his large family. This recent event has totally knocked me for six and set me right back. I really feel for his family’s loss and hope the case goes smoothly.


    • Ade · July 20

      Maybe cross is the future Ed?


  2. tempocyclist.com · July 20

    My condolences. I saw coverage of this across socials. I can’t imagine the extent of the grief family and friends must be going through and the shockwaves it must have sent through the cycling club and TT’ing community over there. I’m in the process of rebuilding my TT rig, but it makes me wonder if it’s really worth riding these things at speed on the roads anymore. 😟

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