That was the year that wasn’t

When I posted back in March last year – Season Over? – I pretty much knew that I wouldn’t race outdoors again in 2020. I know some people did towards the end of summer but for various reasons I chose not to. That said I managed to get just under 4,500 miles of outdoor riding in, which is more than I thought given there was no commute included in that. Time on the turbo jumped up a bit to 286 hours from the previous year (which adds about 3000 Zwift miles too). All fairly unstructured with a bit of Zwift racing to keep things interesting.

I recently started planning this season’s races and gearing my training back up, but now we’re in lockdown again so I’m back to thinking that March and possibly April may be another write-off. It’s hard to tell how things will pan out and even though I’m in my 50’s I’m unlikely to be vaccinated until later in the year, so at what point things will return to “normal” remains unclear.

That said, it’s still good to get outside on a bicycle (and it’s still allowed – info here should you need it) and the Zwift TTT‘s are great fun, so I’ll keep at it and hope to get some racing in this year at some point. Stay safe.

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