Windy August

Ade's Road Cycling Blog Time Trial

The first race of the month was the MDTTA 50 mile championship. It was meant to take place on J4/17 but due to flooding (again) it was switched to J4/9. The weather was warm, with a few showers and a bit of a breeze. My legs didn’t feel great and I had to work hard to stay on my target power but I managed to set my best time on a Cheshire 50 course. 01:51:11, 6th from 76 riders

The next weekend my 10 mile race was rained off.

It didn’t rain much for the Combined Associations 12hr but it was really, really windy. The first 6 hours or so I was pacing to beat my best distance but what I hadn’t factored in was that over the course of 12 hours battling with the wind was both mentally and physically challenging, and that really added to the fatigue. By the end I was really struggling with my shoulders and neck and struggling with position. Overall, I actually managed a better average power than the year before but I was 5 miles off at the end. Another massive thank you to club mates Dave and Darren for their unerring support during the day. 267.37 miles, 4th from 30 riders

I didn’t race again until the last day of the month. Luckily the downpours the day before and morning of the event didn’t leave sufficient flooding to need a course change, so the 10 mile race went ahead on J2/3. Again it was windy but I felt decent, and despite a 15 second hold-up that meant I had to unclip I managed a course best time. 22:07, 5th from 54 riders

Starting to feel a bit mentally (and physically) tired now. Only a couple more races left then time for a short break.

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