Back Racing (just not very well…)

Ade's Road Cycling Blog - time trial

For the first time in over a year (387 days) I was back racing. The Manchester BC held a 10 mile TT on a course I hadn’t previously ridden on Easter Monday. Sat in the car park at an early hour beforehand watching it snow I have to say I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. And despite the covid protocols in place I was also pretty apprehensive. Normally at the start of a season I am really looking forward to racing but I wasn’t after a year off. The race itself was about as terrible as I expected. I couldn’t hold my position, the crosswinds were scary and the “feels like” temperature was something like -7˚C, which meant by the end there wasn’t much feeling in anything, especially my fingers.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog - Time Trial race
Club 10 picture by Kate’s TT Pictures (Facebook)

Since then I’ve performed marginally better in a 25M TT, managing to hold my position and a decent power for the full race, and a 10M TT at Rainford.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog - Time Trial race
Race of truth by Kate’s TT Pictures (Facebook)

The Seamons Cycling Club has also run a number of evening Club 10’s which have proved very popular – there is definitely a pent up demand for racing again. Despite all of this I’ve not yet managed to feel enthusiastic for any of the races. I thought that after an enforced year off I would be desperate to get back to it, and if the truth be told, I’m not. In fact, I’m struggling to stay motivated for any of it – I’m forcing myself to try to train properly and to enter the events. When I’m riding I don’t feel comfortable or like I’m in any condition, even though the numbers aren’t really that bad for somebody rapidly approaching mid-50’s.

None of this was improved by the latest race last weekend. I hit a pothole and sheared off one of my armrests which meant half of a 25M TT on the base bars. I thought it had damaged the wheel bearings too but they seem okay. All pales into insignificance though as one rider was involved in an accident that required the air ambulance – I believe, thankfully, it was not as serious as first thought.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog
Aerocoach Align armrest sheared off after pothole

So I’m carrying on hoping I will get the enthusiasm back and start to actually look forward to events again. Either that or I’ll be finding something else to do with my Saturday afternoons.

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