New Chainring

I wasn’t going to change anything on my TT bike for the new season. However, a week or so ago I accidentally hit the front shifter in the middle of a particularly difficult VO2Max interval which resulted in a horrible crunching and grinding noise followed by the chain coming off. As it was I’d delaminated at least one of the teeth on my Fibre-Lyte 56t carbon chainring and it had also pinged a shifting pin off as well. On closer inspection many of the teeth were wearing It’s been a great product with almost 5000 miles of racing (i.e. at high loads) as well as hundreds of hours on the turbo.

Anyway, I decided that as I was doing it anyway I might as well go 1x and replace the chainring with a 58t – it’s not like I ever used the small ring out on the road. I bought an aluminium one from Drag2Zero.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog
The “before picture”

Removing the crankset was pretty easy – there are plenty of videos and guides on Youtube. Anyway I cleaned it up and took off the front derailleur. I could have pushed the cable back into the frame for a cleaner look but it would be really difficult to get it out again should I ever need to.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog
Ultra Di2 front derailleur and cable entry port
Ade's Road Cycling Blog
Derailleur removed. Didn’t want to push the cable back into the frame “just in case” so I applied a tried and tested aero solution – gaffer tape!

The solution was to just tape it against the frame with a bit of gaffer tape. Doesn’t look great but would be hidden behind the chainring once the crankset was back on.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog
The “after” picture, including aero coach chain guard

I then fitted a chain guard from Aerocoach. In theory it shouldn’t need one but Cheshire roads aren’t the smoothest and I’ve heard plenty of horror stories of people shipping chains during races. Plus I wasn’t sure about chain length. I followed the standard Park Tools sizing instructions using the chain I’d removed. That seemed to be the correct size even though I’d increased the size of the front chainring. So I decided to add a link or two to the new chain and it looks about right – no slack and the rear derailleur angles look sensible enough.

Another week of training on the turbo and then the season starts – unless there’s yet another storm due to come in!

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