Where are the Corporate Sponsors?

Firstly, let me be clear.  The sponsorship provided by my friends, colleagues and family has been nothing short of brilliant.  I never expected to get to the total I am currently at (over £2,200) and for that I am extremely grateful.

But maybe I am being unrealistic but one thing that has disappointed me is the number of companies who have simply ignored the emails I have sent asking if they would like to support us.  And by support I have meant the odd box of energy bars or small item of kit – it’s not like I’ve been asking for new bikes for example!  In most cases they’ve just ignored me – not even been bothered to respond.  I have to say that it has tainted my view of these companies – is that unfair?

Two companies have helped.  The first is Foska, who have provided me with a couple of jerseys for the journey – thank you guys.  The second is the company I work for – Steria.  As well as helping out with sponsorship ideas they have provided me with a jersey and also are matching my time commitment, meaning I get 3 days of my holiday back.  I’m hoping they will also come through with some cash sponsorship too.  Again, a big thank you.

50 miles with North Cheshire Clarion

Dark clouds and rain first thing this morning as I set off to the North Cheshire Clarion Sunday club run meeting point.  My knee was still sore so I put a support on it to see if that helped.  By the time I arrived the rain had stopped but the clouds still looked ominous.  There were 14 from the club and the ride took us east through Bucklow Hill, Tatton Hall, Knutsford, Mobberley, Alderley Edge and Nether Alderley.

After some impromptu off-roading (don’t ask – not best attempted on 700×23 tyres) we stopped at the Wizard tea rooms for a slice of cake and a coffee.

Coffee and walnut cake!

The weather was pretty nice at this point but as we set off back it got darker and darker as we headed west through Peover and Pickmere.  After a good few weeks of being very lucky with the weather the heavens finally opened with about 5 miles to go.  By the end of the ride my knee was aching quite badly and we were absolutely soaked through.  But it was a good 50 miles – 15 mph average and 2305 kcals used.  Not a particularly lumpy ride – only 1222ft of climbing