It’s raining again, it must be race day – June

Timetrial bike race
Another great picture – @KateTT on Facebook

I knew we’d pay for last summer. It was never a matter of “if”, more a matter of “when”. The first weekend was a double-header. On the Saturday it was an early start to ride the Rainford bypass (D10/1) at the Liverpool Phoenix 10. It was a bit of a nightmare for the organisers as workmen started coning off one of the lanes as the event was underway. My time was nothing to write home about. 21:39, 9th from 70 riders

The next day I was up even earlier for a trip to Wales for the SPortzmad 25 at R25/3H. The rain started as I was warming up and increased from there to basic monsoon conditions. I ended up soaked, and by the time I got back to my car, freezing cold. Summer, you say? 50:37, 13th from 70 riders

Timetrial bike race
Another great picture – @KateTT on Facebook

The following Saturday it was tipping down again whilst warming up for the Janus RC 25. Roadworks on J2/9 meant it was ridden on J4/8 and luckily, by the time I was off the rain had cleared and it was even sunny at the end. 56:36, 4th from 67 riders

During the week the Seamons Club 25 Championship race was cancelled due to rain and wind but at the weekend next up was the re-arranged Dukinfield 50 on J4/9. A late start meant there was very little traffic so that was nice. Had a reasonable ride with decent power numbers. 01:52:26, 8th from 48 riders

The following weekend was my main target for the first part of the season. The VTTA National 50 mile championship – this year in Yorkshire on the V350/1 course. I had a target of top 5 in my head and a stretch of a podium place and medal. It was quite a sunny and warm day for once, and it was a really interesting course. Lots of country lanes winding through villages, a couple of A roads and a stretch of dual-carriageway. The roads were mainly surface dressed but not bad at all and I enjoyed it. I came 4th (on standard – 5th on actual time) so just missed out on the podium. Gutted actually. 01:52:12, 5th from 82 riders

During the week I came 2nd in our re-arranged Club 25 – well done Alan. My final race of June was another early one – the Birkenhead NE 25 on D25/8E. Despite start times now being an hour earlier at 7am, there are still HGVs and traffic on the roads. I’m not a morning person but I was happy with my ride, setting a course best despite a particularly long hold-up behind an HGV. 00:54:38, 3rd overall

Time to start building towards the 12 hour now!

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