Grey May

Ade's Road Cycling

The weather has been decidedly grey when compared to last year (Where’s the Sunscreen?). My first open in May was the M&DTTA 25 which was meant to take place on J2/9. Roadworks put paid to that and the race was moved to the other local 25 course – J4/8. In many ways this is a nicer course but is probably slightly more exposed to the wind. It was an odd day, windy and bright, with the odd spot of hail! I thought I’d gone pretty well, with good power and only one unclipping hold-up, but my time was a bit slower than my usual peers, so I must have stuck my head up a bit too much. 56:09, 16th from 116 riders

Despite the website saying they’d gone, the following Saturday’s 50 on J4/16 (similar roads to J2/9) fell foul of the same set that had affected the M&DTTA 25. And this time, there was a road closure on the other local 50 course. So no event 😔

A week later I was up at the crack of stupid on Sunday morning to drive down to South Wales for the Virtual CC 25 on R25/3H. The mid-week forecast had looked good but by the time I got there the wind had changed direction (crosswind) and it wasn’t racing particularly fast. My power was okay but my legs really, really hurt. I also went off too fast and died in the last 4 or 5 miles. I don’t have particularly high power output but I am reasonably aero, so when I look at Strava most people above me in the leaderboards tend to have significantly higher average watts than me. However a chap put over 2 minutes into me off only 6W more – so something to aim for there. In addition, my minute man also did me for 2 minutes at the age of 55, so perhaps I’m not completely over the hill then just yet! 51:20, 21st from 91 riders

Ade's Road Cycling

On the final Bank Holiday weekend of the month I raced a 50 on the Saturday and a 100 on the Monday. The Warrington RC 50 was due to be on J4/16 but the same roadworks mentioned above were still there but thankfully J4/9 was clear this time. I put a bit more thought into my nutrition for this, as I find I sometimes start flagging at the end and it paid off, with my last lap being one of my quickest. Apart from a few holdups I had a great ride and ended up with a course best for a Cheshire 50 and 4th place overall. 01:51:25, 4th from 78 riders

Continuing a theme of the month I set my alarm for a stupid time (4am) to get to Shawbury for my 7-15am start time. It was a pretty windy morning so I concentrated on keeping my position tight and that proved pretty effective. I also ate more than I usually do. Last year I got to 80 miles and then ran out of steam, struggling to maintain power and effort. I was determined to avoid a repeat so after the 50 on Saturday, and again on Sunday, I made sure I ate a lot of carbohydrates. During the race itself I ate and drank something every hour and I maintained my power all the way through. In fact, my best 10-mile power was the last ten. Apart from a minor altercation with a car which resulted in a little bit of cycle-cross action on my TT bike it was a smooth ride, with the new surface at Peplow making a huge difference. In the end I hit my target of getting under 4 hours for the first time on this course. 03:55:05, 16th from 93 riders

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