Hot then Cold

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One hour later = freezing monsoon!

The first 25 of the season was the Withington Wheelers on J2/9. I thought my race was ruined after a mile or so when a JCB pulled out in front of me and I sat behind it all the way to Chelford Island (25s slower on that section than on the second lap). However, maybe the adrenaline kicked in because I felt really great all ride. There were temporary lights on the course but they were well marshalled and I came in with my 2nd best time ever on J2/9. 53:32, 4th from 106 riders

The VTTA NW 10 took place on the following Tuesday, which meant there was a lot of traffic and fairly significant hold-ups, some caused by slower riders riding near the white line in the centre which meant that not only could the cars not pass them but neither could I. The course was also shortened a little bit (to 9.7M) due to roadworks but at least we got to ride. 21:32, 4th from 42 riders

Another 25 on J2/9 and thankfully the temporary lights had gone. The Macclesfield Wheelers put on a really nice event but despite the same power as the previous week, the wind meant I was nearly a minute slower. 55:28, 5th from 81 riders

First club 10 mid-week and a good turnout on a pleasant evening.

An early start in the Mid-Shropshire Wheelers 25 on D25/8e on Easter Sunday during what was a heat wave Easter weekend. The early start meant my legs suffered (not a morning person) but I was pleased with my time. 55:17, 6th from 91 riders

Horrible night for the club 10 – unsurprisingly a poor turnout on a windy and wet evening.

Final race of April was the Croston Velo 10 at Levens (L1015) on a day when many events were cancelled due to storm conditions. The picture above shows the HQ a couple of hours before I was due to start. By the time I came to warmup it was monsoon-ish, with hail and freezing temperatures. Thankfully the wind wasn’t terrible, although it was a crosswind, but freezing rain meant I never really got warm and struggled the whole ride. A complete contrast from the week before. 21:02, 8th from 55 riders

Fingers crossed the weather gets better in May!

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