Why Blog?

I started this blog back at the start of 2010 because I was doing a charity LEJOG ride.  It made sense because a lot of people were supporting me and I was continually looking for sponsorship.  Once that was complete I carried it on as I took on a couple of other charity challenges.  Then I carried it on because it was an easy way to log the audaxes that I’d started to do.  Since then it’s sort of morphed into a record of what I’ve been doing in amateur time-trialling.  I imagine it’s a pretty tedious read and as it only gets 20 to 50 visitors that would seem to be the case – nobody is forced to read it obviously.  In the main I’ve been using it as my own personal record given that my memory is so bad.  However, I’ve got other software for that as well so I’m not sure that is even a reason now.  There’s also an amusing (if quite unkind) thread on one of the Facebook forums about amateur blogs which made me think about why I do this and what is the point of it.

So, I’m three-quarters of the way through my July post – it may be the last one.  Or, if my OCD kicks in, I may do it up to the end of the season.  But the likelihood is that I will probably let this fade away.  There’s possibly 20 to 50 of you who may notice 😂


  1. folano · July 22, 2018



  2. folano · July 22, 2018

    Love your blog Ade, I recognize that the amateur TT scene is always going to be a niche audience, but you have a precise, straight-to-point style of writing that I enjoy reading. Fair play to you for generating content and finding the time to write it, I am sure that I am not alone in saying that I have appreciated the insights you have shared with the community, and I have learnt a lot from it. Hope you find another topic to blog about, I will certainly be reading it!

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  3. Irishdean · July 22, 2018

    It would be a shame if you stopped it imho. I think it has uses beyond just those interested in cycling time trials. Anyone wanting to change parts of their life, set goals, face struggles, have to change tactics before eventually reaching the targets and then looking to the next target could learn a lot from your blog. I enjoy it, and have occasionally been inspired by it. I’ve had a few tough times with injury and health over the last few years and after my back op last year was very down for a few months as i wasn’t sure what kind of recovery i could hope for. Your mental strength and scientific approach that comes through in the blog has helped me to accept where i am at the moment, set realistic goals for rehab, research and select appropriate exercises and then work hard. I’m not fully there yet, and may not return to cycling, but making good progress and still enjoying your blog.

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  4. specificpeople · July 23, 2018

    Be a real shame Ade. Honestly, I don’t read all of every blog, but it always really interesting. To a leisure cyclist it is inspirational – you get me out cycling more than you’d ever know……so if you stop the blog and my health deteriorates, I’ll come after you (in the car). I’d be interested in the Facebook article so I could make my judgement. Keep it going buddy

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  5. Human Cyclist · August 1, 2018

    Just to add, I read every month. I’m not a TT’er and find it interesting plus nuggets you share like the latest post with Contador’s FTP. Keep up the good work!

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