October – Season 6 (2018) Training Plan

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Everybody needs a plan!

I’ll be using TrainerRoad for my training again this winter.  Last year I added to it with some additional indoor sessions that I found useful, but I think this time round I’m going to stick to the plan during the week.  At weekends, if the weather is relatively kind, I intend to substitute turbo rides with appropriate outdoor rides.  This helps mentally as it can get a bit stir-crazy constantly training indoors.  As ever, all my rides will be logged in TrainingPeaks – you can see the overall training plan PMC chart above.  I’ll be following these  plans

  • Sweetspot Base High Volume I – 6 weeks
  • Sweetspot Base High Volume II – 6 weeks
  • Sustained Power Build High Volume – 8 weeks
  • 40k TT Speciality High Volume – 8 weeks

Instead of the TT bike I am using an old road bike frame on the smart-turbo, with all the measurements set as close as possible to my TT position.  I want to reduce the wear and tear on the TT bike and although using a different bike is not optimal, as long as I get the position close enough it should be okay.  That said, around about the middle of January I will be swapping back to the TT bike in order to iron out any positional differences before the season starts.  A welcome side effect so far is that the road bike is MUCH more comfortable on the turbo than the TT bike!

I’d also like to do some changes to the front end on my TT bike, with some new aerobars that provide more of a ski-jump extension than a flat extension.  Initially I’ll try to use the BikeFastFit video app to get the position how I want it viusually, and then hopefully some reasonable weather in the New Year will let me do a bit of outdoor aero testing to fine tune it.

Of course, most of this is just a plan at the moment.  It’s important to have a plan and a sense of how you might get to the outcome you want, but it is equally important to understand that they can and do change and be prepared for that.  However, I have started and it’s going well.  The first task was to re-establish zones by performing an FTP test – using the 20 minute protocol.  These tests are pretty hateful affairs and mentally having a decent music playlist helps tremendously.  I’ve spent a bit of time perfecting mine with tunes that motivate and keep me going.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

A decent start point

At this time last year I started with an FTP of 296W, whilst weighing 68.76Kg.  That means my FTP was 4.3W/Kg.  As you can see, this year I start slightly higher at 298W, which doesn’t seem like a big gain.  However, my current weight is under 63Kg, meaning an FTP of around 4.75W/Kg.  I’ll take that as a starting point!

As I write this post I am coming towards the end of week 5 of Sweetspot Base I and my legs are starting to feel it.  I’ve had some decent outdoor rides including a recent trip over Holme Moss and Audlem CC’s reliability ride both of which were high TSS efforts.  I’m looking forward to a recovery week of lower intensity before my next FTP test which is fast approaching.

In October I managed 625 miles outdoors with 36,355ft ascent at around 16.3mph average, which used up around 24,256kcals. I spent 21 hours and 20 minutes on the turbo using a further 15,914kcals. Total for the month was 3,234 TSS

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