August – first and last of the sunshine?

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Did anyone spot summer?  I’m told we had one but I can’t quite remember when it was.  First race of the month was a club 10 which ended up being a pretty poor effort by me off the back of some hard racing and training and in windy conditions.  2nd from 21 riders

At the weekend it was another Cheshire Points series race, the Weaver Valley 25 on J4/8.  This time I put a decent effort in on a warm day with a relatively light wind.  9th from 95 riders (£20, 3rd 40-49, 1st team)

Midweek and the weather was shocking.  Temperatures were down to around 12˚ and it was raining.  Not many people turned out but I was daft enough to do so.  1st from 23 riders

The penultimate Cheshire series race was the Congleton CC 50 – again around the J4/9 course.  It has made a refreshing change this year riding J2/3, J4/8 and J4/9, which all take in laps of Penny’s Lane and King Street.  That said, they are hard courses when the wind is against but we haven’t had it too bad this year – it could have been much worse.  One thing that has made predicting which bits will be hard is a website produced by Ben Norbury of Congleton CC.  It’s called mywindsock and allows you to check the effects of the predicted weather forecast.  I urge you to check it out – I find it really helpful.  For reasons I wish I could explain more readily I was flying during this race.  I felt really good and whilst not a power PB I recorded my best time for J4/9.  8th from 87 riders (£40, 5th vet on standard, 1st team)

The last club 10 of the season was a bit warmer but still breezy.  I managed a slightly better effort.  1st from 29 riders

I wrote about my 12 hour time trial here8th from 60 riders

I spent the next week trying to recover.  I did a gentle and tentative ride on Tuesday and then a slightly longer one on Wednesday.  By weekend my undercarriage had recovered but my legs were still a bit sore and so was my neck and shoulders.  On Saturday I raced the Withington Wheelers 10.  Again, it rained and was cold and I discovered that my legs hadn’t really recovered as I had to go very deep to get a half decent time.  As it was, a couple of riders that I have been beating this year went quicker than me but I guess that’s what happens.  7th from 84 riders (£20, 3rd vet on standard, 1st team)

On Sunday I went to Hull, along with the majority of the fastest riders in the country.  I was pretty nervous that given my performance the day before I would embarrass myself and end up languishing near the back of the field.  I went off pretty well and was going okay past the turn.  As the road started to drag up at about 6.5 miles I just went pop.  I really had to dig into everything I had to keep pushing forward as I watched my power drop through the floor and my heartrate hit numbers it doesn’t normally hit until the very end of a race.  At the end I was only 11s over my PB and had managed my third “19” of the season.  My power was 20W less than when I set my PB, so it has given me confidence that there is more to come even though it’s my worst position for a number of years.  55th from 109 riders

It’s starting to feel a bit like the end of the season (which it is).  The Cheshire points series has finished and I hit my target of a top 5 finish – 2nd place, missing 1st by 4 points is a bit gutting though.  In the month I covered 745 miles with 26,028ft ascent at around 19.3mph average, which used up around 24,397kcals. In addition I spent 11 hours 49 minutes on the turbo using a further 8,581kcal. Total for the month was 2,627TSS

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