July – hotting up

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The first weekend in July was the M&DTTA 100 on a gruelling Cheshire course that was best described as “grippy”. I was pleased with my overall performance despite an issue with a car that cost me the best part of 2 minutes and made the last 13 miles somewhat more mentally difficult. As an added bonus the Seamons team took the South Lancashire Shield. 7th from 70 riders, 04:03:20, (£40, 2nd vet on standard + team)

Midweek my legs were surprisingly sprightly and I clocked a respectable time in the club 10. 2nd from 32 riders, 22:16

I had relatively low expectations at the Nova CC 25 the following weekend but yet again I was pleasantly surprised with how I fared. Sometimes I find time-trialling infuriating because when I don’t expect to go well I do, and when i expect to go well I suffer. I’m sure it’s all explainable but despite the myriad of tools at my disposal in this day and age I’m still often clutching at straws to understand differences in performance. 3rd from 57 riders, 55:36 (£30, 3rd actual, 1st vet on standard)

As if to illustrate my point part 1, at the club 10 on Wednesday evening I put more power out and was over 30 seconds slower than the previous week (whilst other riders were faster). 1st from 34 riders, 22:48

And then to illustrate my point part 2, the following weekend was the Warrington RC 25 on the same J2/9 course as the Nova. In not dissimilar weather conditions I managed a power PB for a 25 (296W AP, 299W NP) but ended up 20-odd seconds slower. I had replaced the front tyre on my TT bike so maybe it was that but who knows! 8th from 102 riders, 55:59 (£10, 2nd 40-49)

The day after I went over to Hull chasing fast times and managed my second “19” so I was pleased with that. 16th from 139, 19:54

Bouyed by this result I proceeded to deliver less watts and a faster time at the next club 10. I wish I knew! 2nd from 32, 22:21

A change from the usual J4/16 50 course in Cheshire saw the Cheshire RC 50 being held on J4/9 – the new designation for the old J50E course. Slightly agricultural in parts, and with the usual grippy Cheshire roads, it did make a nice change, albeit the shorter lap distance did cause more bunching and traffic issues as the event went on. It was a warm day and I do seem to fade a bit in the warmer conditions, so overall I was pretty pleased with the result, especially as it helped us to another team prize. 10th from 78, 01:54:51 (£8 team prize)

On the Tuesday evening we had the rearranged Club 25 championships on JC24. It was a bit windy and I picked this evening to chalk up my worst 25 time of the season. Again, my power was okay but I think I went out too hard and then died into the headwind sections. Other than that I can’t really explain it. 3rd from 24, 57:21

I also rode the Club 10 the day after and was happy enough that I still had enough in my legs for a reasonable performance. 1st from 26, 22:38

At the weekend it was our club Open 25. As well as counting for the Cheshire Points series, the fastest M&NW VTTA rider with the best aggregate standard times from both the Nova CC 25 and this race would hold the VTTA Manchester & North West Group 25 Mile Championship Cup for 12 months. And I was leading after the Nova, so I had a clear target in mind for this race. It was a windy day and I was adamant I wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made on Tuesday, so I made sure I paced it sensibly, going harder on the headwind sections and taking a breather on the tailwind bits (although it never works out like that on J2/9 really!) It paid off and I made it on to the podium, we won the team prize and I secured the VTTA cup, so I was very pleased. 3rd from 77, 55:38 (£30 + £10, 3rd + team)

Up at stupid o’clock on Sunday I was off to Rainford to ride the Birkenhead North End 25 at D25/3. It was windy again and it’s an unforgiving and open course, so it was really hard work. When I started TTing only a few years ago I never thought I’d say this, but I won an open event! Absolutely delighted. 1st, 56:32 (£50)

The weather in July has been a bit all over the place.  Hot, cold, windy, rainy.  I guess what you’d call a typical British summer.  In the winter and early spring months you convince yourself it’s going to be a great summer but the reality rarely matches the expectation you’ve set.

As we head into August I’m leading the Manchester & District TTA Cheshire Points Series, but the way these are scored means that I’ll be overhauled early in the month.  My overall goal at the start of the season was a top 5 finish so I think I’m on track for that.  I’m also looking forward, with a lot trepidation I must add, to my first ever 12 hour time-trial.  My longest ever ride is 258 miles so I’d be delighted if I could beat that, although at the moment the goal is just to survive!

Overall it was a month where I tried to ease back a bit to avoid overreaching, covering 577 miles with 19,009ft ascent at around 20.4mph average, which used up around 19,958kcals. In addition I spent 12 hours 37 minutes on the turbo using a further 8,645kcal. Total for the month was 2,445TSS

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