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Over the last two seasons, a combination of gradual detraining during the season, added to a build-up of fatigue, mean that I have never performed well in September.  This year though, as well as a period of illness earlier in the season, an early holiday meant that I came into September feeling relatively fresh, and my races towards the end of August certainly reflected that.

On the first Saturday of the month I travelled down to Etwall to ride only my second ever 100M TT, mainly along the fast A50 on A100/4.  I wasn’t at all confident how to pace the race, or how to manage my nutrition and fluid intake, so I settled on a power figure that was a proportion of my FTP and decided to ride that.  At the start I noticed quite a few riders passing me but I resisted the temptation to ride after them.  Weather wise I got lucky in that there was no rain, and the wind was not a major factor apart from a couple of crosswind sections that required concentration.  I must have paced it pretty well because I still had something left for the last 10 miles and was able to pick up the pace a bit, rather than hanging on, so overall I was pleased with the way I rode it but probably could have eeked a bit more out.  36th from 106, 03:52:14 

A week later I was back down to the other end of the A50 at Blythe Bridge for the Stone Wheelers 25 on J5/8.  It’s a popular event, well organised and a fast course which attracts fast riders.  I was pretty delighted with my performance, and even though it wasn’t a PB it was a CB by some margin.  21st from 128, 53:16

The next day was a very early start to get back down to D25/8e for the WCTTCA 25.  I like this course, although it can be unforgiving as it’s very exposed.  It was another beautiful September morning and whilst cold, was relatively benign.  Although my legs were still suffering from the day before I was pleased to actually maintain the same power output and managed to win some money (£9!) for coming in 5th.  5th from 68, 56:24

A week later and it was the last TT for me of the season, the Seamons 25.  This was the last race of the Cheshire points series so I wanted to do well to try to elevate myself into the top ten, despite not completing the full number of qualifying events.  It was another nice day and felt fast to me.  I was well prepared for this and delivered a 25 mile power PB and a J2/9 CB, despite being held up several times on what is a narrow course.  In addition I won £30 under the one-rider-one-prize rule, coming 4th overall, 3rd on handicap and 2nd veteran.  4th from 72, 55:42

The day after saw me try my first cyclocross race, which you can read about here.  I managed to come 34th from 154 riders (154!) which I was pretty pleased with given I had no real clue what I was doing!

Overall during the month I rode 483 miles, with 17,504ft of climbing at an average speed of around 18.4mph.  I used 17,692kcals of energy, with another 4,542kcals during 7hrs and 15mins of turbo time.  Total training stress was 1474TSS.

Believe it or not, September was my “rest” month and I’ve now started my new training plan for 2016, which is a month earlier than last year as I think my body is getting used to the training load I’ve been placing on it, so it’s time to push the envelope a bit more.  Hopefully results will follow.

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