July Roundup

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

I had three weekends racing in July before I went on a family holiday to Lanzarote (which I’ll write about in a future post).  The first weekend was a key race for me which turned into a disaster (as I wrote here) so I’ll not mention that again!  The day after I had an opportunity to lift my mood in a ride at D25/3 over at Rainford, which went well and cheered me up a bit.  6th from 43, 57:50

I followed up my weekend disaster with a midweek disaster, hitting a pothole at 30mph on the Seamons Club 10, which resulted in two blown tubs and a written off front wheel.  DNF

The next Saturday saw me back at J2/9, and I was pleased to produce my best ever 25M power figures to record a decent result which earned me 2nd place in the M&NW VTTA 25M Championship and £25.  14th from 87, 56:58

The next midweek Seamons Club 10 saw me ride very carefully past the offending pothole from the week before but still managing to put some decent power out and record my best time on that course to take the win.  1st from 33, 22:40

On the Saturday I was at Hull hoping for a fast time.  For the third time this year there was a really strong crosswind, but thankfully not as bad as it had been.  In the end I put out the most power I’ve ever managed on a 10 and so couldn’t have done much more.  I was pleased with my time but then also slightly disappointed that it wasn’t a “19”. Hopefully I will make it eventually.  27th from 98, 20:12

I was supposed to be riding the V236/1 in Hull on the Sunday morning and after getting up at 5am to drive there it was unfortunately, and correctly, cancelled by the organisers due to the weather making conditions unsafe.  DNS

My final race before going away was the midweek 10 which passed incident free.  3rd from 33, 22:47

With my rides on holiday, July saw me ride 522 miles at around 17.5mph average speed, with 20,901ft of ascent.  I used 18,251kcals of energy, with another 3,349kcals during 4hrs 58mins of turbo training – 1519TSS

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