March Roundup

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

After what felt like a long winter of training I couldn’t wait to get going.  My plan was to use the TT’s in March (and to a lesser extent early April) to get back into racing and make adjustments to my position ready for the warmer months.  In addition, I’d planned an early trip to V718 in order to get a feel for the course before having a real crack at one of the fastest 10 courses later in the summer.  Weather wise March varied from beautiful, bright blue skies, to freezing cold rain and gale force winds.  I’m not sure why I’m surprised.

Despite looking forward to it for ages I was under no illusions that the first race would be horrible.  As it was the weather was reasonably kind, dry with only a little wind.  My ride went well.  I was using my ISM Adamo TT saddle and I was slipping forward a bit but I managed to record a slight increase in my best power for a 10 on my way to a time about 1 minute quicker than the equivalent ride last year.  I was happy enough with my placing and won a tenner for placing in the vets competition.  12th from 74, 23:12 

 The second weekend of March saw me riding an uncharacteristically early 25 on J2/9.  This was a ridiculously cold day and despite having tweaked my saddle and bars I couldn’t get comfortable for the whole ride, shuffling backwards and forwards.  Overall I managed to sneak in under the hour on a slow day and won another tenner, this time as part of the team prize.  My power stats were nothing to write home about but then again, with the amount of moving around, I wasn’t expecting them to be.  10th from 47, 59:15

 The third race was another 10 on the J4/17 course.  The final mile and a bit of the ride was into a very strong headwind which proved to be a killer for a lot of riders, myself included.  Again I wasn’t happy with the saddle but again I managed to win a tenner in the vets competition.  My power output was quite a bit down on the first week which was slightly worrying.  14th from 90, 23:16

 My final race of March was my recce to V718 in Hull.  This is a fast course but when I arrived it was blowing a gale, and there was talk of it being cancelled.  I was off quite late so got the benefit of seeing riders coming back in, shaking their heads!  The course itself is essentially a run along the A63 and back.  Going out the wind was across and over my shoulder, and the course felt really fast.  The turn was difficult and there was a horrible slog up what felt like a long drag with the wind feeling like it was head on for a while.  At the end I managed a respectable time in some very illustrious company and assuming I can get in again, I look forward to riding the course in better, warmer conditions.  24th from 90, 21:10

In summary then, March saw me ride 502 miles in 1d 5hrs 43m, at an average speed of 16.9mph.  I climbed 24,717ft and burned 17,926kcals.  On top of that I added another 18hrs 21m on the turbo, burning a further 12,511kcals.  Overall that meant a TSS of 2056 for the month.

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