January Update

Ade's Road Cycling BlogThere’s been a lot of cold, icy and snowy weather in comparison to January 2013 so I’ve not managed too many miles on the bike.  Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit in February and I’ll get out and about a bit more before the season starts.

  • 408 miles
  • 24 hrs 41m
  • 16.5mph average speed
  • Total ascent 17,797ft
  • Energy used 14,616 kcals
  • Average HR 123bpm

Ade's Road Cycling BlogI have, of course, also been training hard on the turbo following my training programme, which has been hard work but immensely rewarding. If you look at the chart above labelled LTS – this is my software package version of Chronic Training Load (CTL) which is an indication of fitness.  There is a nice upward trend to the graph which I think is a positive indicator.

  • 21hrs 49m
  • 2147 TSS total
  • Energy used 16,399 kcals
  • Average HR 141bpm



  1. tempocyclist.wordpress.com · February 1, 2015

    Over 400 miles for January! I’ve recorded my lowest monthly road mileage for a long time. Only got out on the road three times the entire month, but have had a pretty busy month training on the turbo.


  2. Ade · February 1, 2015

    Yes, same here really – most of the road miles are commuting and one ride of nearly 130 miles – it’s frustrating but the turbo stuff is coming on nicely. Good luck with your training – power meter makes a big difference doesn’t it?


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