August Stats – The End of Summer?

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It’s been a pretty wet and cold August.  I’ve mostly ridden time-trials during that time including consecutive ones where it rained incessantly from start to finish, which is not a pleasant experience.  So my mileage is down but intensity and average speed up as you would expect.  Year to date figures in brackets

Distance – 474 miles (4,461 miles)

Time – 1d 1hr 26m (10d 19m 42m)

Average Speed – 18.6mph (17.2mph)

Energy – 17,741 kcals (169,867 kcals)

Average HR – 135bpm (131bpm)

Ascent – 20,922ft* (211,398ft)

*most of this on the one ride – Wild Wales Challenge!

Had a couple of weeks off work – now it’s time to lose the timber from all the eating I’ve done!

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  1. dierotelaterne - christoph · September 6, 2014

    “the end of summer”? 😉 did you have a “real” summer in the UK? Here in Austria, we skipped summer this year… we had spring and are currently already in autumn 😉


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