25M 2-Up Time Trial

Ade's Road Cycling Blog Ade's Road Cycling BlogAfter last week’s shortened 10M TT in a howling gale, I was very nervous about this one.  The thought of riding at 25mph inches from the rider in front with my hands off the brakes (on the aero bars) in windy conditions had me worried.  The course, J8/13, is also an interesting course.  It’s pretty sporting, and involves some very winding and technical country lanes – and the A road sections are quite narrow.  All in all, it was hardly ideal for our first 2-Up!

As it was the weather couldn’t have been better so Phil and I set about warming up on the rollers.  We made it to the start with literally seconds to spare – no time to worry or to have a chat with Graeme who’d come to watch – and we were off.  I went at the front first and very quickly, in complete contrast to last week, I was into my rhythm and concentrating on my breathing and pedal stroke.  It was strange having to keep looking behind to check Phil was still there, and after a while I pulled out and let Phil go through and I slotted in behind him.  Fairly quickly my HR dropped by between 10 and 20 bpm – it’s amazing how much less effort is needed.  And so we continued, with the odd shout from Graeme for added encouragement!  We passed quite a lot of pairs – a bit dicey on the narrow roads – and it seemed to be over pretty quickly!

At the end I felt good – much better than last week – although my new position is absolutely wrecking my shoulders and neck.  Hopefully they will get used to it!  Our time was 01:02:07 which I was pleased with – and it seems we came 11th out of at least 50 pairs of riders.  I’ll take that – big thanks to Phil for partnering me.



  1. dierotelaterne - christoph · March 3, 2014

    hy ade! you’re using a planet-x rear wheel… are you satisfied with the performance? thanks in advance for your answer & greetings from Vienna


  2. Ade · March 3, 2014

    Yes, although I have nothing to compare it too as it’s my first TT wheel. For the money I think it’s great value


  3. dierotelaterne - christoph · March 4, 2014

    thank you!


  4. just bought a set of planet-x-wheels (80 mm)… and I’m satisfied 🙂 As you wrote: Great value for the money!


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