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So I’m about halfway into my winter training programme and it’s only 6 weeks to the first time trial of the season, a 2-up 25M event on the 1st March.  However, my view is that TT’s in March are part of training, so for me the season starts “proper” in April, building during May and aiming to hit my peak during June, July and August.

My training this winter has a number of elements to it.

Power – this winter I’ve included work to increase my power output.  I have a cycling specific weight training plan that works in 3 week blocks starting at sets of 14 reps and eventually increasing the weights and dropping to sets of 4 reps.  At the moment I’m in the hypertrophic block.  In addition, when riding, I’m using bigger gears than I normally would – especially uphill, where I try to maintain the big ring to improve leg strength.

Aerobic – I spent a decent amount of time riding in zone 1 and zone 2 and now I’ve started to add some interval training.  This includes intervals of varying lengths – from high intensity short intervals to intervals of up to 4 minutes.

Ade's Road Cycling BlogThe turbo in the shed is what I use for this, and Sufferfest videos are excellent for this.

Weight – my weight going into last season was around 65kg, meaning my 5 minute power/weight ratio was around 5.96.  I’m currently around 66kg, which with the added weight training I’m pretty pleased with.  I’m hoping to maintain this whilst building strength which will hopefully mean I can sustain a higher wattage for longer, and by definition reduce my times.

I’ll turn 47 this year which means time is very much not on my side.  The effort to simply maintain the same level of power and fitness increasing quite dramatically after around the age of 40 so continuing to improve and get better becomes harder and harder.  I’m working really hard because of this, and also because I know that I have some great competition this season from Phil and some of the guys at the club.  As ever, I continue to learn so if anyone reading this has any tips or secrets they want to share then do get in touch!


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