Back in the Shed – Winter Training Starting Soon…!

I undertook my 6 monthly sports science test at the Endurance Coach last week.  It’s been my first full season competing, and on top of that I was training for, and completing, LEL.  At the end I felt pretty jaded, and after my holidays wasn’t really able to maintain any level of performance, so I was expecting some degradation in my figures.  More importantly I was looking for my zones to be re-calculated and my winter training plan to be formulated.

  • Max HR – 191bpm (181, 191, 197)
  • Threshold HR – 180bpm (176, 185, 187)
  • Threshold Power – 330w (370, 350, 310)
  • RQ1 HR – 166bpm (173, 183, 172)
  • RQ1 Power – 270w (350, 350, 250)
  • VO2 max – 47.37ml/min/kg (64.65, 62.33, 45.2)
  • Max Aerobic Power – 390w (410, 390, 370)
  • Aerobic Power/Weight Ratio – 5.91w/kg (5.96, 5.65, 4.93)
  • Max Sprint Power – 1049w (942, 1037, 1077)
  • Anaerobic Power/Weight Ratio – 15.89w/kg (13.69, 15.03, 14.34)

What was apparent from my figures was that my old endurance efficiency of burning fat equally as much as carbohydrates has taken a battering, and I’ve not got that same endurance efficiency any more.  Whether that is to do with racing I don’t know.  Equally my VO2 max figure has dropped – I had a cold when I did the test but again, I’m not sure whether that would affect it.  On the positive side my overall power is up.

I now have a plan which includes strength training in the gym and more moderate rides to rebuild my aerobic base conditioning.  Just got to do it now…

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