First Time Trial Season Review

Ade's Road Cycling BlogAlthough I rode a number of Kilton club time trials in 2011 and 2012, this year was the first real season where I intended to give it a real go, obviously at the same time as preparing for, and taking part in, LEL.  So I furnished myself with a time trial bike, a club skinsuit, a pointy hat that fits and the CTT handbook!  On top of that I shaped my training over winter to give me a fighting chance of hitting the goals I set myself here.  In 2012 I had PB’s of 20:34, 24:20, 01:02:38 and 02:14:34 in the Kilton 8.75, 10, 25 and 50 mile TT’s respectively.  So I set myself the following goals

  • Kilton TT PB below 20 minutes
  • 10 mile TT PB below 23 minutes
  • 25 mile TT PB below 1 hour
  • 50 mile TT PB below 2 hours and 5 minutes
  • Be age-group competitive in any events I enter

Without further ado, here’s how I’ve done
Ade's Road Cycling Blog
So whilst beating my other targets, I missed my 10 mile target by 7 seconds, but I would have taken these figures at the start of the season. I’m especially pleased to have done a sub 1hr 25 and a sub 2hr 50.


The Kilton is the 8.75 mile Seamons road club weekly club open time-trial.  the course is relatively sporting, in that it’s not really flat, but it’s an excellent mid-week event that I enjoy doing.
Ade's Road Cycling BlogThis season I competed in all but one of the evenings (I was away on LEL) and it’s been more successful than I could ever have hoped.  Firstly, I smashed my PB and my target of a sub 20 minutes ride by recording a 19:39, which is now also a club record.  I finished in the top 10 in all fourteen events I rode, and I managed a podium finish (3rd place) in two of them.  I’m pretty certain, barring a steward’s enquiry, I’ve won the club trophy for the Kilton series.  I’ve been pushed hard by a number of riders from the club, but especially Dave, who beat me a number of times and came within a second of my new club record.  It may be a different story next year but the competition is welcome because it helps to push me to better myself.

10 Mile

Last year I only rode a few 10’s, including the weekday club rides held up at the Rainford bypass.  This year I rode seven weekend and three Rainford 10’s, improving my PB by over a minute to 23:06; but I was disappointed to not hit my target.  A particular disappointment was riding the fabled Levens course on a very windy day and simply not performing.  Next year I will have to factor in the fact that 10’s tend to be earlier in the season and my overall results seem to suggest that I peaked during June and July – so I will have to miss a few Kilton’s and ride a few Rainford’s instead.  I did put in the fastest club time and won the club 10 championship, although a somewhat hollow victory as only four club riders bothered to enter.  I finished upper quartile in two rides and top 10 in two rides.  Finally, I won my second bit of prize money of the season (more about the first later) in the Preston Wheelers 10 where I was the first veteran rider winning the princely sum of £8, which covered my entry fee if nothing else!

25 Mile

Ade's Road Cycling BlogUntil this season I’d only ridden two 25’s, both on the Cheshire J2/9 course.  This year I rode a further ten times, on three different courses, quickly beating my PB and edging ever closer to my main TT target for the year of a sub-hour 25, until in July I notched up a 59:50 much to my delight.  Pressure off, the next week everything came together and I posted a 57:55 at J2/9, which for a short time was the club 25 record, until Phil put in a 57:31 and took that one off me!  I was happy that in my ten rides I went sub-hour four times including 57:55 and 58 minute rides, and finished upper quartile twice too.

Obviously a 30 is not a 25, but I did ride one 30M TT this season too, clocking 01:12:00.  I think I can beat that next year, assuming I ride any 30’s.

50 Mile

I rode a single 50M TT last year, and it was so hard I didn’t bother with another.  This season, I targeted a big improvement, and so I rode five times on three different courses.  My first 50 of the season saw me smash my PB, break the club record and win first place in the handicap competition, which means I won £30 and will hold a Warrington RC trophy for a year, which I’m told will be presented to me at their annual dinner this year!  My next two rides were within 1s and 39s of this time which at least showed a level of consistency!  I was upper quartile in two rides and top ten in one of them.  My final TT of the season was a 50 today at J5/12, which saw me burst through the 2hr mark with a 01:57:02.  I’m delighted.

Cheshire Points Series

This is a series of 20 events over the season, from which riders are awarded points. Their points from their best ten rides provide their position in the table. On top if this, the total points from the three best riders for each club are added together to give a club position. This year I rode enough qualifying events and got 353 points, which placed me 14th. As only Phil and myself from the club rode anywhere near enough events, the club’s position in 9th place was, I feel, highly creditable.


If I look at my results over a season that started in March and ended in September, it seems I peaked during June and July, and then suffered a drop off of form after LEL and my holiday.  I simply couldn’t pick up where I left off, so I will need to factor that in for next year, although I won’t have something like LEL as a distraction.  I’ve learned quite a lot about my kit, about the courses I’ve ridden frequently, about preparation and about how to pace myself and how to ride at threshold.  It’s been a great experience.  I need to improve my strength, stamina and concentration, as I often let the effort drop below threshold.  But I’m happy with my first real season.

A special mention for Phil from the club.  He’s ridden as many TT’s a me this year, he’s put the training and hard-work in and probably had as big a learning experience as I’ve had.  We’ve pushed each other hard, and he’s started beating me in recent time trials, including taking my club 25 record!  It’s a brilliant motivation as I know he’ll work hard over winter so if I want to be competitive with him I will have to push myself even harder.  I love it!  So congratulations to Phil for smashing his goals and a big thank you from me for pushing me very, very hard!

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