Wizard & Llamas Club Audax

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


This was the third running of the club audax although this time with some slight route tweaks on the return leg.  The weather was fantastic and the organisation was up to its usual high standards – so well done to Matt, Andrew, Graeme and the rest of the team.  There were well over a hundred riders, many of whom belong to the club, and most of whom I didn’t recognise!  The club has come a long way since I joined as member number 38 three and a half years ago.

The route followed many of the cheshire lanes with which I am now very familiar.  I rode some of it with Pablo and Michelle, enjoying the company and catching up.  The first cafe control at the Wizard was absolutely packed, so I didn’t buy anything and I pushed on as the road started to rise at Blaze Hill and up past Llamaload.

I stayed at while at the second “cafe”, the Harrington Arms, chatting with Graeme and then other riders as they arrived.  The ride back was mostly flat and downhill, in glorious sunshine, so I was almost disappointed when I reached the HQ.  A few pieces of the plentiful cake put a stop to that!

Brilliant day, really enjoyed it.

Ride Stats : 74.5 miles in 4hrs 17m at 17.4mph.  3,327ft climb, 3,375kcals used.  Average HR 135bpm

Strava ride here 

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