Tan Hill 200 – LEL training DONE!

Ade's Road Cycling Blog
Ade's Road Cycling Blog
The Tan Hill 200 is a ride I did a couple of years ago.  It takes in some big climbs – Nick o’ Pendle, Waddington Fell, Buttertubs, Tan Hill, Harkerside Moor and Kidstones.  It only has 4 controls and the countryside – Lancashire and North Yorkshire – is stunning.  Even if the UK summertime moaning minnies put the mockers on the weather today.  I felt pretty strong on the ride and that concludes my training for LEL.  This time next week I’m hoping to have completed the first day!  My training stats for LEL

  • 3015 miles in 7d 23hr 27m
  • Average speed 15.8mph
  • Total ascent 193,608ft
  • Total energy 146,965 kcalories

Hopefully, that’s enough! Wish me luck…

Ride stats : 130miles in 8hrs 36m at 15.1mph average.  12,100ft ascent, 6,175kcals used.  Average HR 128bpm

Strava ride here


  1. AndrewGills · July 22, 2013

    Have a fantastic time at the LEL. One of my Audax friends here in Brisbane is going over for the ride. I reckon you’re going to smash the LEL with all the quality mileage you’ve ridden.


    • Ade · July 24, 2013

      What’s his name Andrew – I’ll look out for him


      • AndrewGills · July 24, 2013

        You know it’s funny because I only know his first name is Martin but I know his wife’s name is Sandy Vigar and she’s going to be over there supporting Martin. I’ve never asked his surname and can’t recall seeing it anywhere. I just know he rides an uber cool Audax bike and builds his own wheels and is a vet at the University of Qld. But that’s not going to help much is it – haha. He’s a really great guy – I always enjoy riding with him and he’s given me lots of tips given this is my first season doing Audax


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