June Training Update

Ade's Road Cycling BlogSo this weekend has been a fast one! A 50M TT around J4/16 in Chelford on Saturday evening, followed by a 50 mile spin around Manchester today on the closed roads Great Manchester Cycle.  That’s 100 miles done this weekend in a total time of around 4hrs and 15 minutes.

After the 1000 mile month of May it was important to keep the training intensity high in June, before tapering it slightly in July.  There are only 4 weeks (4 WEEKS!!!!) until LEL so I’ve managed to do some big distance again, in not very summer-like conditions, maintaining the intensity whilst improving my fitness.  If you are training for an event it’s important to train in all weather conditions, rather than bale at the first sign of rain or wind.

So my figures for the month are (ytd in brackets)

  • 934 miles (3,977 miles)
  • 2d 4hrs 51m (9d 23hrs 19m)
  • 43,299ft climb (197,294ft)
  • 17.7mph average speed (16.6mph)
  • 40,108 kcalories used (183,948kcals)
  • Average HR 133bpm (134bpm)

4 weeks to go!  http://www.justgiving.com/ade-lel2013


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