Staffs Peak Audax (and a bit more…)

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Well, what a fantastic day it turned out to be!  I rode down through Manchester to the Polocini cafe in Romiley, met Chris and off we went into the hills.

The weather stayed nice, the scenery was stunning and the conversation turned to flights of fancy, like Race Across America.  Before we knew it we’d climbed 5,500ft and I stupidly announced that it didn’t feel like we’d been up any big hills. And round the next corner was… a bloody big hill.  I waited at the top for Chris, but when he arrived he just rode past muttering “Don’t talk, just don’t talk.”  There were plenty more after that and I should keep my gob shut.

At the end of the day I’d ridden lots of roads I’d not ridden before, eaten Weetabix cake and had a very nice time.

To top it all we arrived back just before Al shut the cafe, and so were able to scrounge a brew and some cake, whilst talking about climbs and watching Al watch Clare do the heavy lifting of the window shutters.

Ride stats : 106 miles in 7hrs 8mins at 14.9mph average.  9,958ft of climbing. 5,037 kcals of energy, average HR 127bpm

Strava ride here

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