April Mileage and Training for LEL

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

My training for LEL is now building.  Both in terms of distance and time, but also my aim has been to start to increase the intensity.  So in April I’ve done three 200k audaxes, two of which have had AAA points.  I’ve also done a couple of 25M and a 30M TT, as well as starting midweek Kilton 8.75M TT’s.

The plan for May is four 200k AAA audaxes (two of which will be back-to-back in one weekend), a 100M sportive, five Kilton’s, a couple of 10’s and a 50M TT.  With some time off work at the end, I may even squeeze in a bit more!  June will follow a similar pattern, with July starting hard with an ultra-sportive and then tapering down to the actual event itself!

So my April mileage is as follows (ytd in brackets)

  • 727miles (2,037miles)
  • 1d 19hrs 17m (5d 4hrs 44m)
  • 16.8mph average (16.3mph)
  • 34,371ft climb (90,027ft)
  • 33,875kcalories (96,372kcalories)
  • 136bpm average HR (136bpm)

My next post will talk a little bit about the ride plan that is forming for LEL.

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