Sports Science Update

Over the winter I trained on a turbo for the first time ever.  I followed a plan set up for me by the Endurance Coach, as I’ve written about before here.  As somebody who needs to see data to believe results I went back last week and did the test again.  Here’s the raw data – the figures in brackets are results from the previous test, and the one before that

  • Max HR – 181bpm (191, 197)
  • Threshold HR – 176bpm (185, 187)
  • Threshold Power – 370 watts (350, 310)
  • RQ1 HR – 173bpm (183, 172)
  • RQ1 Power – 350 watts (350, 250)
  • VO2 max – 64.65 ml/min/kg (62.33, 45.2)
  • Max Aerobic Power – 410 watts (390, 370)
  • Aerobic Power/Weight Ratio – 5.96 watts/kg (5.65, 4.93)
  • Max Sprint Power – 942 watts (1037, 1077)
  • Anaerobic Power/Weight Ratio – 13.69 watts/kg (15.03, 14.34)
  • Average 10 sec power – 755 watts (906, 862)
  • Power/Weight Ratio – 10.97 (12.49, 12.06)

Some interesting stuff here, and plenty to work on, but the summary is that the training has helped give me more power at lower levels of heartrate.  However, losing weight has meant some further loss of top end power – which might be a problem if I was a sprinter or track rider.  Next winter though, I need to get some strength work in the gym done.  My legs now appear to be the weak link in my cycling system, with my aerobic system being extremely efficient.  Hopefully as the season hots up so will my legs!

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