March Stats

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Ade's Road Cycling Blog


A disappointing month in distance terms, and one I need to rectify in April and May.  I did my first 200k yesterday, more than 5 weeks since the previous one, and its clear that I’ve lost some endurance fitness over the winter.  I’ve done a lot of training for TT’s which is reflected in the average speeds increasing, but I need to get the balance better going forward – something that should be addressed by my plans to do three 200k’s in April followed by four 200k’s and a century in May.  Anyway, my stats for the month

  • Total road miles – 431 (623 if you include turbo trainer – I don’t)
  • Total road time – 1d 1hr 55m (1d 12hrs 32m if you include turbo)
  • Average Speed – 16.6mph (17.1mph if you include turbo)
  • Total ascent – 16,425.6ft (pathetic – my climbing has really gone downhil, ha ha!)
  • Energy used – 19,604 kcals
  • Average HR – 135bpm

That gives me ytd figures of 1311 road miles, 3d 9hrs 27m, 55,655 ft, 62,497kcals, 16.1mph average and 135bpm average HR.

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