And another week on… snow stops play!

This weekend was supposed to the first intensive weekend of the year.  Today was going to be the first 25M time trial of the season, and tomorrow was the Chirk 200k audax.  Bearing in mind that last year’s Chirk was completed in 20˚C+ temperatures, it is galling to find that this year both rides have effectively been cancelled because of the snow and ice, and sub-zero temperatures.  Welcome to spring…


  1. AndrewGills · March 24, 2013

    How frustrating that must be. I can relate to the extent that all the cycling events I wanted to do in February were cancelled due to extreme wet weather (think roads washed away, not just a bit of rain).

    Hopefully things warm up for you 🙂


    • Ade · March 24, 2013

      Hope so – very grey and depressing here!


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