What a difference a week makes…

Ade's Road Cycling BlogSecond TT of the season and the weather forecast was for scattered showers and less wind than last week.  As I arrived at the HQ Phil and Martina were waiting – and it turned out that the course had changed due to a roadworks.

Phil was off a good hour before me so he was back as I was getting ready. He’d kept to the course and done a respectable time, and he briefed me on the turns and road condition.  The sky had brightened up and the wind died down as I set off to do a warmup in the nearby lanes.  I’d learned my lesson from last week and bought some de-misting spray for the visor, but with the better weather I wasn’t expecting any problems.  I’d also decided to ride at around 175bpm, which is just below my threshold heart-rate.

As I approached the start I was quite relaxed – the first section of the revised course was about a third of a mile before a left turn onto the A50.  Then a turn left at five miles before a final left at nine miles.  As I set off I got up to speed and got round the turn with no issues.  As I settled into position on the A50 I got my breathing under control and accelerated up to speed, dodging potholes as I went along.  My heart-rate was around 175bpm and my speed was good, averaging 27mph for the first couple of miles before the road started to slant upwards for another three miles, then dropping for another two.  By the halfway point I was around eleven and a half minutes and feeling good.  The final three miles of the course kicked up sharply, including a couple of motorway bridges which were absolutely leg-sapping.  I got passed by my two-minute man (the eventual winner) before I made it across the line.

My time was 24:16, which is a new 10 mile personal best for me.  I felt good for 7 miles or so, but the fitness for the remaining three will come.  Overall, I came 25th out of 84 riders (as opposed to 28th from 59 last week) so I was pleased with that.

Here’s a brief video of me taken by Phil – with commentary at the end from Martina!

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