First TT of the Season

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Saturday saw the first TT of the season, and a chance to see whether a winter spent actually doing some training, and some halfway decent kit might make a difference to my performance.  As it turned out, the answer was no.  My best 10 of last season was 24:20 but I only managed 25:30.  To be fair, the weather was downright horrible.  The temperature was around 5˚C, it was wet and raining on and off, and the wind was pretty blustery.

I felt reasonable on the warmup but as soon as I set off I was struggling.  the first part of J2/3 is uphill (such as it can be on a flat TT course) and is a technical series of shallow bends.  In the wet, and only the second time on this bike on the road, I took it pretty gingerly.  Only when I got on the main A535 road did I try to accelerate, but my legs were already hurting and I was gasping CO2 out like a chain smoker.  I also found out that my visor steamed up in this type of weather – which meant I was struggling to see more than a yard in front.  I must have tried to wipe it half a dozen times during the ride.  It also hurt my head – it’s a bit on the snug side!

Anyway, the end couldn’t come quick enough and I finished cold, wet and a bit despondent – although a look at the finish board suggested no really rapid times at that point.  On the plus side, a few lessons learned about the kit, and onwards and upwards to the next one – this coming Saturday.  Fingers crossed for good weather.

Ride stats : 10 miles on J2/3 in 25m 30s at 23.5mph average.  479kcals used, average HR 175bpm

Strava ride here


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