Rapha Festive 500

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Ade's Road Cycling Blog


For those that don’t know, this is a challenge set on Strava.  I’m not quite sure how I fell into this – it wasn’t my intention to do it.  I’d planned to ride a permanent audax on Christmas Eve, and one with Chris, Anthony and Martin on the 30th.  So that was about 220km, and with all the talk about it on Twitter and the club forum I sort of fell into it, and by then it was too late…

I had a couple of days off on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and on New’s Years Eve I was going to be out with the family, so that meant I only had 5 days.  The rides I did are shown above.  In weather terms I got absolutely soaked on Monday and Saturday.  Thursday and Friday were cold and somewhat damp.  Yesterday was windy.  It’s a stupid challenge really.

Anyway, that concludes my riding for 2012.  I’ll be rounding up my year later on this blog, but doing this challenge has given me a personal record mileage for a December of 719 miles.

One final thing.  This challenge has introduced me to this blog.  Minipips and his dad Richard, who I met at two cafe stops on the rides.  Minipips is 7 and very much a star of the future.  The blog can be found here

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  1. Colin Fletcher · December 31, 2012

    Well done, nice end to your year, enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for making the effort. I injured my hand just before Christmas in an icy crash and the Festive 500 would have been tough with the cold we have here in Budapest anyway. I’m back to the UK in Feb and hope to get in some UK Audaxes in 2013 (I’m based in North Yorks) might see you out there.


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