Mid Peak Audax

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Ade's Road Cycling Blog


This permanent audax is part of the Marple grimpeur series of rides, coming in at 109km and 2.5AAA points.  It was a very cold night and the car temperature gauge was reading -3℃ and there was a frost on the ground.  I was hopeful that as the sun rose it would warm slightly and make the roads a bit better as I set off.  The first real climb was up and over Snake Pass, which warmed me up a bit but didn’t really suggest that things were going to get warmer – although with the sun being low in the sky it was quite difficult to see properly.

As I got further into the countryside and away from main roads the worse it got, with widespread frost and bits of ice.  At one point after the first control I hit a sheet of ice across the road and bang, down I went.  As I’d fallen off last week and cut my knee this only served to reopen that cut and make me very twitchy for the remaining 40 miles.

At parts I was going down hill slower than I was going up them because I was worried about grip, and I also walked several sections of road, which in itself was difficult enough with cleats on!  My average speed reflects this.

I didn’t really enjoy this ride although I would like to do it again in summer as the route is beautiful.  I’ll be rethinking when I go out this winter – 2 offs in 2 weeks doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Ride stats : 68 miles in 5hrs 16m at 12.9mph average.  7200ft of climbing, 4274kcals of energy used, average HR 139bpm.

Strava ride here

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