Season of Mist 2012

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


Ade's Road Cycling Blog

7,665ft climbing – 2.5AAA points

This morning started off very cold and living up to the name of the audax – with fog in many places.  Myself, Anthony and Andy were riding, but we bumped into many familiar faces at the start, including Chris and the guys from Saddleworth Clarion.  For a change we’d arrived in plenty of time – it seemed a bit odd waiting around for the start rather than rushing off in last place!

The start of this ride immediately takes you out of Hebden Bridge up one of the vicious climbs, including cobbles thrown in for good measure.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Picture in Cycling Active Magazine – Season of Mist 2011 first climb

As we reached the top of the climb the sky was blue and clear and we were able to look down on the fog that was shrouding the valley below.  This is a hilly ride so it wasn’t long before we hit the next decent climb – the Nick o’ Pendle (steep side).

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Top of Nick o’ Pendle – note fog in the background

A cafe stop at the Country Kitchen in Waddington (ginger sponge and custard!) and we then climbed Waddington Fell.  It’s a great descent down the other side – top speed today was a shade under 45mph.

The weather was absolutely fantastic – crisp air that you could for miles through, with clear blue skies, and the temperature nudging 14℃.

A few more cheeky climbs, including a longish one out of Nelson and we arrived at the Caldwell Activity Centre, for some lovely homemade cake.  After that there was one more big climb and then a searing descent into Hebden Bridge for the now-famous feast at the end!

What an absolutely fantastic day – great ride, great weather and nearly an hour quicker than last year.

Ride stats : 62.5miles in 4hrs 24m @ 14.2mph.  7,665ft of climb, 3,200kcals used, average HR 139bpm.

Strava ride here


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  1. AndrewGills · October 8, 2012

    Looks like a beautiful ride.


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