Weaver Valley Cat and Fiddle Hill Climb

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog


On Sunday I decided to ride the Weaver Valley cycling club hill climb up the Cat and Fiddle from Macclesfield.  I rode out to the HQ which was a pleasant enough warmup, although a little colder than I anticipated.  On the way I noticed my HR monitor had packed in, which was a pain because only on Saturday I had practised riding up the Grane Road at threshold.  It was going to have be done on feel alone – something I’m pretty bad at.

I was starting number 8 and as I watched the first seven riders start from the wooden ramp I was getting slightly nervous.  As soon as I was off though I settled down and hit the first section at a decent average.  As it climbed out of the trees and into the open I was hit by the headwind, which knocked me out of the rhythm I’d managed to get into.  My legs were starting to burn now as the wind pushed back against me, but my morale was boosted by starting to pass some of the earlier riders.

There were a couple of flatter sections that would have given some respite but because of the wind just didn’t, although all the way up there was a smattering of spectators cheering us on.

Despite the wind I was enjoying it and counting down to the finish thanks to the distance markers placed by WVCC.  I even managed a sprint at the end and crossed the line in 28m 51s.

After chatting to a few cyclists and getting my breath back I rode back down to the HQ and was given a commemorative mug (Weaver Valley’s 50th anniversary) and a couple of slices of lovely cake!  As I left the HQ I was in 5th position out of 41 starters.  I later ound out I’d come 51st out of 137 riders, which wasn’t too bad really.

I took a longer, hillier route to ride home making it a total of 78 miles for the day, and I didn’t get rained on!

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