Pistyll Packing Momma Audax 2012

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

6781ft ascent (8905ft last year!!)

This audax was one of the toughest we did last year.  We were out for 12hrs 18m and rode for 9hrs 30m.  This year we had a horrible headwind on the way out, which for a change became a helpful tailwind on the way back.  We were out for 10hrs 50m and rode for 8hrs 34m, reflected in our average speed increasing to 15.3mph versus the 13.8mph of last year.  Although I used the same Garmin on the same route I rode last year, the ascent is apparently only 6781ft versus 8905ft of last year, so either somebody has been nicking bits of mountain or Garmin can’t write decent software.  Which do you think?

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Proper audax food…

The weather was changeable – we were lucky enough until around 1pm when it started to rain, which continued until between 4pm and 5pm.  The wind was a south-westerly which meant we were into it for the first 60km, before turning south and making a long turn back to the north-east, and the support of a strong tailwind.  Good cafe stops at Chirk and Bala kept us fuelled.  A great effort from Anthony, who’s not put as many miles in this year, but was still making great time up the stiff climbs.  Also good to bump into old friends, John Perrin, and meet new people – we did a chunk of the ride with a guy called Mike, who after 131 miles I found out lives literally round the corner from me!

Ride stats : 131 miles in 8hrs 43m @ 15.3mph average.  6781ft/8905ft climbing, average HR 136bpm, 6009kcals used

Strava ride stats here

One comment

  1. sensisuperstar · September 23, 2012

    I Googled ‘WordPress Cycling Blog’ and you came top of the list, so firstly congratulations for that as I’m pretty sure Google doesn’t list alphabetically! Secondly, that is one hell of a butty, I don’t think I’d be able to cycle far after that, so congratulations for completing your Audax! Thirdly great blog, keep up the good work, I’ll add it to my read list.


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