Pointy Hat Season 2012

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At the end of the year I wrote the following in this blog post here

“I’m not really into time-trials but I managed to take part in 8 Kilton 8.75m TT’s organised by the Seamons club.  My personal best was 22m 13s for the course but it’s safe to say that I didn’t really get hooked and won’t be buying a TT bike, skin suit or pointy hat!”

I can now report that after 2012 I am kind of, well, hooked!  And I did buy a second-hand pointy hat towards the end of the season!


The Kilton is an 8.75M open club event run by Seamons Cycling Club.  It’s very popular because of its laid back nature and easy entry.  The course is “sporting.” Prior to this year my best Kilton time was 22m 13s.  This year I’ve ridden it 11 times and pushed my personal best down to 20m 34s, an improvement of 1m 39s, and an average speed of 25.5mph.


Prior to this year I’d only ridden one 10M TT, and I rode it with a hangover.  Unsurprisingly my time was nothing special at 28m 42s.  This year I’ve ridden 5 more 10’s, with my first of the season being 26m 14s and my best being 24m 16s, or an average speed of 24.7mph.  I’m perhaps most pleased with taking almost 2m off just this year, rather than the 4m 28s overall.


This was the first time I’d ridden a 25, and I rode 2 this year, with my best being 1hr 2m 38s – an average of 23.9mph


This was horrible.  My first and only time being 2hrs 14m 34s at an average of 22.3mph.  It’s fair to say this was the least enjoyable!

So what am I going to do differently next year?  I’ll be writing about my winter training plans in the future, but they will include specific training to aim to improve my times next year.  For me it’s important to have targets and goals to work towards, and I have some in mind.  I’ll write about these before the start of the season to give my self the added motivation of public targets.


  1. Peter · September 21, 2012

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on, Ade. Good luck!



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