A Sunny Weekend!

Well we finally got a sunny weekend.  On Saturday I was riding a 25M time trial at J2/9 again.  The conditions were probably about as good as you can get – light wind, not too warm – so I was looking to beat my only other 25M time of 1:05:16, especially as I would be wearing my pointy hat.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

As it was I went pretty well.  My first 10M was done in 24:41 (faster than my 10 PB) but then I started to labour a bit as the downhill section started to drift upwards.  The second 10M was done in 25:18.  I tried to push hard in the last 5M but by then I was flagging and so came in with a time of 1:02:38.  I’m pleased with that time but I think I can do better, especially as my stats showed I was under threshold.

On Sunday I went over to Fairburn, near Leeds, to ride the Brimham Rocks 200k audax.  Last year  it was a decent day and again the weather seemed like it would be good.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

We set off at a very quick pace.  I needed to stay with the “peleton” whilst my stupid Garmin calculated the route.  Unfortunately, as I’d made a mistake with it, that took the best part of 12 miles!  As soon as it did I got to the front and pushed on, with another couple of riders for company.  The first cafe came quickly, and instead of being last there like last year, I was first in.  Nobody else stopped, but I had a toasted teacake.  I then set off to catch them again.  The second stop was out at Horton Stean Gorge, and by the time I got there I was back near the front again.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

5,534ft climbing

After beans on toast I retraced the route back past the reservoir.  Heading south was hard work into a stiff headwind, but not as hard as Nought Moor Road Climb.  This is a difficult climb, just over a mile long with an average gradient of nearly 10%.

After the middle section of climbs, finishing up with a climb out of Otley, the remainder of the ride was relatively flat – but the wind made it very tough indeed. By this point the sun was out and I was getting sunburnt.  There’s no pleasing some people.

Ride stats: 117miles in 6hrs 52m @ 17mph.  5534ft climbing, average HR 134bpm, 4714kcals used

Strava ride stats here



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