Hills and Plains of Cheshire Audax

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

6405ft climbing

Starting from Congleton this ride headed for the Wildboarclough and Macc Forest to throw some hills at riders before abruptly dropping to the Cheshire plain after 32 miles and then basically being pretty much flat all the way back.  I set off with Graeme and we made reasonable time, including a couple of stiff climbs like the one up to Pym’s Chair, where a mobile control met us with coffee and flapjacks.  The first cafe stop came at 55 miles and we made it at an average speed of 14.4mph.

Graeme was suffering a bit so he decided to proceed at his own pace, and I set off across the plains, following a route that covered just about every North Cheshire Clarion club run.  The wind was fairly stiff heading west, but obviously helpful when heading east.  I managed to average 18.1 mph to make an overall average of around 16.5mph.  We were pretty lucky with the weather again – alternating between cold and warm enough for short sleeves, but most importantly dry.  An enjoyable day out.

Ride stats : 130 miles in 7 hrs 53m @ 16.5mph average.  6405ft climbing, average HR 136bpm, 5607kcals used

Strava ride here

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