Silverdale and Wharfdale Permanent Audax

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

5362ft of climbing

This was going to be a nice gentle recovery ride after my 50M TT of yesterday and the resulting sore knee.

After 21 miles we were soaking wet from the incessant rain, and freezing cold from the awful wind.  We found a cafe but this being July and summer they wouldn’t put the radiators on to dry our kit.  Still, Anthony’s mood brightened after the stop, which was just as well as 2 solid hours of moaning is enough for anyone 😉

Eventually it stopped raining but the wind carried on.  The route was nice enough and on a sunny day it would doubtless be really nice.  I guess we kind of endured it rather than enjoyed it.

My knee was very sore from the off.  If I sit in the saddle it hurts when I push power through my left leg.  If I stand on the pedals, it doesn’t hurt so much, which meant I could get up the hills reasonably well, but nowhere near normal pace.  Bit worried about it if truth be told.

Ride stats : 66.3 miles in 5hrs 7 mins @ 12.9mph average.  Total ascent 5,362ft,  Average HR 117bpm, 2,799kcalories used

Strava ride here

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