First 50M Time Trial

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Another time trial first for me today following on from my 25M efforts a few weeks back. The weather was much the same – a mixture of rain and sunshine and a horrible wind which made life harder than it needed to be.

The first 25M went by pretty quickly.  I was feeling strong and fast even into the headwind.  I’d paced myself pretty well and left something in the tank for the second half, although I was struggling to keep my concentration on pushing hard.

Somewhere between the 32M and 35M marks I began to get a pain in my left knee when I pushed hard.  It was the same pain I got in the last 10M of the recent 300k audax I rode.  It wasn’t too bad when the wind was behind me, or going on a downhill section, but as soon as I needed a bit extra into the wind or up hill the pain made me back off a bit.  Consequently I was a bit disappointed with my final time as my power dropped off – I had a time of 2hrs 10m in my head and think I am capable of doing that.  At the end I realised that I my legs weren’t sore – certainly not like they have been on other quick rides – and my average heart-rate was relatively low for a time-trial.  Hopefully the knee is not serious and will sort itself out with the help of a holiday in August.

Ride stats : 50M in 2hrs 14m 34s @ 22.3mph.  Average HR 167bpm and 2222kcalories used

Strava ride here

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