First 25M Time Trial

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I did my first ever 25M time trial at the J2/9 course HQ’d at Goostrey.  I did wonder why as I sat in my car watching the tops of the trees bending 90˚ and the rain bounce off my windscreen but there you go – it is June…

Gold medal winning Paralympian Sarah Story OBE was getting ready as I went to get my number and chat with Giles – I was to briefly see her again later.

As per usual I was one of the few without pointy hat, skinsuit, aero wheels, TT bike but I had a secret weapon!  I had fashioned myself a homemade skinsuit from a £10 Aldi compression base layer and some Decathlon 3/4’s.  Now all I need is to make a pointy hat and I’ll be flying!

I made my way to the start and noticed that the 2 riders ahead of me hadn’t turned up.  Anyway, I started and very quickly had to slow right down at the first junction.  The wind was blowing south to north so there was a bit of a push at first, followed by a cross wind after the Chelford roundabout – another junction I had to stop at.  As I hit the headwind on the south leg it was like somebody had applied the brakes, and I was struggling to keep my speed above 20mph.  After 3 miles my minuteman came past me, his disc carbon wheel humming.  I can’t tell you how demoralising that felt, but frankly he was a lot faster than me and I watched him disappear into the distance.

Not long afterwards I saw Sarah Storey again – she was on the second lap and passed me like I was freewheeling.  Again, I watched her disappear into the distance, whilst battling the headwind.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Spot the headwind and tailwind sections…

As I turned down a lane I noticed a lot of cows in the field heading towards the road.  As I cam round a slight bend I realised that the farmer was driving his cows across the road.  I stopped, unclipped and waited until he managed to stop them and give me a gap to ride through.  I don’t see Bradley Wiggins negotiating cows!

Anyway, I kind of hung on and finished in a time I was happy with.  My arms were killing me as that was the longest I’ve been on tri-bars, but overall I felt okay.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Average HR 173bpm – must try harder!

Ride stats : 25 miles in 1hr 5m 16s at 23mph average.  Average HR 173bpm, 1139 kcals used

Strava ride here


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  3. user1g · April 8, 2013

    I had my first 25 on this course over the weekend… Funny thing is I had to stop because of cows crossing as well… The farmer must have it in for us cyclists…


    • Ade · April 8, 2013

      Yes I’ve been stopped by cows there before too. Not what you expect really 🙂


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