Four Seasons in One Bike Ride

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

6580ft of ascent

The Monyash Peak 105km grimpeur was the first audax I’ve done on a weekday and I expected it to be relatively sparse in terms of rider numbers.  However, between this ride and its flatter sister ride, there must have been 30 riders at the start.

The ride headed south from Marple and then east into the Peak National Park.  As you can see from the profile it was quite a hilly ride, having 2.5AAA points associated with it.  Climbs included Brickworks and Combs Lane, which was particularly challenging as it was very steep and very wet, making traction a real problem.

The weather was bizarre during the day.  I saw sunshine and blue skies, showers, a strong wind blowing from west to east, heavy rain and worst of all, hailstones.  The problem with hailstone is that on a hilly ride you get a lot of descents, and on the return from Monyash the headwind blew the hailstones right into my face, which at 25-30mph downhill is incredibly painful.  In fact the return leg into a headwind was very tough and very wet and at the end all my waterproof clothing had failed and I was soaked.

I stopped halfway at the Old Smithy café in Monyash for scrambled eggs on toast and a chat with fellow audaxers but other than that it was a fair old slog round.  I’d set off with the intention of riding at a high intensity and it certainly felt like it at the end.

Ride stats : 65miles in 4hrs 36m @ 14.1mph.  6580ft of climbing, average HR 148bpm and 3826kcals used

Strava link here


  1. Chris C · April 12, 2012

    Hi Ade,Good to see you yesterday. We had a very slow first 40Km,mechanicals and a lost rider.As we came through Dovestones it also started to snow! Stopped in Tideswell at a cafe to try and let the hail pass then put in a good average speed around the last 60K. Memories of the day are the climb out of Combs,always the climb out of Goyt valley!!,stinging
    Hail,cold hands then warm sun.A great Audax ride, hope to see you on some of the Marple series that run through the summer.


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