Sports Science Testing

Ade's Road Cycling BlogLast week I went for a test with The Endurance Coach in St Helens.  Despite some carpark-based shenanigans afterwards, it was a really rewarding and interesting session.

For those interested it involves wearing a gas analysis mask whilst doing a cycling ramp test where the power is gradually increased and you maintain your effort.

Here are my summary statistics – it turns out I’m relatively good at burning fat (50/50 fat vs carb at low power/intensity) and that lends itself to longer, endurance rides.  I do need to do some quicker rides as gradually, over time, I will get slower if I don’t.

  • Max HR – 197 bpm (not bad for a 44 year old)
  • Threshold HR – 187 bpm
  • Threshold Power – 310 watts
  • RQ1 HR – 172 bpm
  • RQ1 Power – 250 watts
  • VO2 max – 45.2 ml/min/kg
  • Max Aerobic Power – 370 watts
  • Aerobic Power/Weight Ratio – 4.93 watts/kg
  • Max Sprint Power – 1077 watts
  • Anaerobic Power/Weight Ratio – 14.34 watts/kg
  • Average 10 sec power – 906 watts
  • Power/Weight Ratio – 12.06 watts/kg

I’ve been given a training plan and I hope to return in 16 weeks to see what, if anything, has improved!


  1. Kelly Smithson · May 7, 2012

    sports science is very important, keep it up.


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