A Great Weekend’s Cycling

It’s March and we’ve had some incredible summer-like weather this weekend.  On Saturday I couldn’t resist breaking out my “new” summer bike and giving it a blast.  I say new because I bought it last September in the end of 2011 season sales.  I’ve used it once and done 32 miles

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

It’s a fantastic bike.  Full dura-ace, great wheels and a superbly comfortable frame.  It just makes you want to go faster and faster!

On Sunday we did the Chirk 200 audax.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

The weather was freezing at the start – 8am, although in reality 7am as the clocks had gone forward the night before.  After 5 miles or so I couldn’t feel my fingers.  It was only when we decided to leave the big group of riders behind and accelerate up a hill, that I suddenly warmed up a bit.  Apart from some idiotic half-wheeling riding by somebody tagging our group, it was a great ride out to Chirk, chatting with fellow audaxers and enjoying the weather.  Chirk is now becoming remarkably familiar, and we had a nice lunch at the milk bar there.

Ade's Road Cycling Blog

4206ft climb

By now the sun was up and it was 20+ degrees as we set off back.  Anthony, Graeme and I took turns pushing the pace, reeling in various groups and enjoying the countryside.  We kept bumping into our friends from Saddleworth Clarion and last saw them sharing an enormous tub of sherry trifle ice cream at the ice cream farm!

We finished in 34 minutes less than the same ride last year, and my average HR was less too.  Hopefully that is progress, but more importantly it was just a fun day on the bike.

Ride stats : 130 miles in 7hrs 41m @ 16.9mph average. 4206ft ascent, average HR 129bpm, 5134kcals energy

Strava stats

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