Newport 200k Audax

TheAde's Road Cycling Blog weather on Sunday was almost perfect for a February day spent cycling. Yes, it was cold, but there was virtually no wind, and later during the day the clouds parted to reveal blue sky and SUN!

And so we left Cheadle at 8am and headed south on our journey to Newport.  Graeme and I pushed on strongly, and whilst Neil stayed with us Martin dropped off the back.  After a while we got onto the back of the lead group and swept through the Cheshire lanes.  Then, as Graeme and I turned right to follow the official GPX route, the lead group carried straight on – as did Neil.  So we two made our way to the first café stop, arriving before they opened.  However, they let us in and served us cake and coffee, before we set off again – still no sign of the other two.

Of course, much like last week, after a while we came across Martin chatting away with another rider.  We slowed to chat a bit and then agreed to meet him at the next stop, before pushing on.  We overtook a number of riders, and weren’t passed, as we continued to follow the GPX route.  Imagine our surprise then when first Martin, then the other riders we had overtaken, appeared in front of us.

Second café stop in Newport at the halfway point saw us suitably refreshed and then on our way again.  We blasted the second half north as fast as we could, the aim to arrive back in daylight.

The route was very nice – mostly back lanes – and the weather was just about perfect.  Throw in good company, and the satisfaction of hard work, and it was a great day.

Ride stats : 125 miles in 7hrs 15m @ 17.3mph.  4,318ft ascent, average HR 141bpm and 5,745 kcals used

Strava stats here

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