Icy Feet

I have long suffered from icy feet when riding in the winter, and even during autumn and spring.  I’ve tried many solutions – two pairs of socks, socks plus polythene bags (yes, seriously!) – and I always wear overshoes.  But my feet have remained icy cold.  However, I’ve been wearing a pair of Defeet Wolly Bully 2 socks and I have to say they are the best that I have tried, keeping my feet warmer, for longer.  They don’t completely solve the problem on longer rides, but yesterday my feet were okay until quite a long time into the ride.

If you have the same problem then have a look at them.

One comment

  1. Whereismal · March 1, 2012

    Try these -> http://www.sealskinz.com/cycling/road/thick-mid-length-sock I am a big fan of them for mountain biking


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