January Miles and New Commuter

It’s the end of a busy January and I’ve clocked up 551 miles in that time.  That’s about 40 miles more than I did in January last year but, interestingly, I’ve doubled the amount of climbing from 13,900ft to 27,900ft.  Pleasingly, my average speed is marginally quicker than it was last year at 14.8mph.

Stats : January – 551 miles, 27,900ft climb, 1d 13hrs ride time, 27,249kcals energy

I’ve also decided to retire my commuting bike – a red Specialized Langster fixie.  It’s done 3,160 miles and is a little beat up now.  Regular followers on twitter will know it’s had a few mechanicals recently, and as I use it every day to get to work and back I decided a new bike was better than spending more money on it.  I’ve been pretty happy with it and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it – maybe sell it or just keep it for occasional use.

Pearson Touché

I’ve replaced the Langster with the Pearson Touché shown above.  It comes with better brakes than the Langster, is lighter and also has full mudguards, which should help things when it gets wet.  Whilst the Langster had a 42 x 16 gearing, I’ve specified this with a 46 x 16 gearing which should make the commute that little bit harder back up the hill!


  1. trio25 · January 31, 2012

    Be interested to here how you find the new commuter. I commute on a langster, black though, and I love the bike. I’ve even managed to get mudguards on. Was suprised that the pearson is lighter as my langster is really light. But one day it’ll need replacing and so will have to look around.


  2. Adam · February 1, 2012

    Lovely looking bike.


  3. Alan M · February 2, 2012

    you’re slightly quicker because what goes up must come down


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